Non toxic recipes for your garden:

Get rid of those Ants:
Controls ants, termites,snails,slugs and acid-loving weeds in the garden.
Sprinkle 125g (1/2 cup) of agricultural lime per m2 ( can buy it from your local nursery ).
For ants with a sweet tooth, try Icing sugar and Borax mix:
Mix icing sugar and borax mix in a 1:1 ratio. Ants will feed on this and take it down into their nests. The borax will eventually kill the colony.

Fighting Fungi:
This basil tea controls a wide range of fungi and insects.
200ml (1 cup) basil leaves and stems
2 litres boiling water
Pour boiling water over basil. Allow to cool , then spray over the affected plants with the solution.
Alternatively spray garlic over plants too, this controls mildew, rust and other fungal diseases:
125g garlic
500ml water
Crush garlic in water. Store in fridge and dilute 1:10 with water when required.

Promotes Plant Growth:
Use as a tonic to help weak and struggling plants, promotes resistance to fungal diseases.
1/2 spade well - matured compost (organic), 10 litres water, Allow to stand 7 days. Strain and spray.

Mildew Control:
Add 1 litre milk to every 15 litres of cold water. Spray every 2 weeks.

Get rid of aphids, white fly and while scale (good for Aloe's).
10ml (2 tsp) sunlight (dishwashing liquid), 5 litres cold water mix together and spray on affected plants.
Works really well.

If using non eco friendly chemicals: Please remember to wear the appropriate clothing (mask, gloves, goggles).

Happy Gardening :)