Now is the time to prepare those lawns and flower beds:

Lawns should get spiked to air rate the soil, add a 5:1:5 fertilizer with lawn dressing to get the right levels. The fertilizer with the lawn dressing will help boost the new growth. Water your lawn 2 x day (Morning & Evening), Not mid-day as the water you use will evaporate with the high temperatures. Make sure water logging on lawn does not happen, should your lawn retain large amounts of water eg: clay soils below lawn, add a coarse mix of riversand to help air rate the soil make sure that it is a thin layer, not too thick as this could cause bare patches.

Flower beds: prune & clear dead leaves off all plants after this cold winter. This will promote new growth. Fork soil lightly, not too deep as this may damage the new roots the plants are sending out for the summer months. Add mulch/compost/with a 2:3:2 fertilizer this will promote the new growth. Water plants after adding fertilizer, certain fertilizers may burn the plants. Depending if you have seedlings planted, water 1-2 x day, not mid-day!

*Note: Remember to adjust your irrigation systems and computers, buy new batteries for the computer back-ups before the holiday seasons.

Enjoy the beauty of spring, spend time out doors, what a beautiful time of year it is!

Ciao for now :)