April 11, 2012

Non toxic recipes for your garden:

Get rid of those Ants:
Controls ants, termites,snails,slugs and acid-loving weeds in the garden.
Sprinkle 125g (1/2 cup) of agricultural lime per m2 ( can buy it from your local nursery ).
For ants with a sweet tooth, try Icing sugar and Borax mix:
Mix icing sugar and borax mix in a 1:1 ratio. Ants will feed on this and take it down into their nests. The borax will eventually kill the colony.

Fighting Fungi:
This basil tea controls a wide range of fungi and insects.
200ml (1 cup) basil leaves and stems
2 litres boiling water
Pour boiling water over basil. Allow to cool , then spray over the affected plants with the solution.
Alternatively spray garlic over plants too, this controls mildew, rust and other fungal diseases:
125g garlic
500ml water
Crush garlic in water. Store in fridge and dilute 1:10 with water when required.

Promotes Plant Growth:
Use as a tonic to help weak and struggling plants, promotes resistance to fungal diseases.
1/2 spade well - matured compost (organic), 10 litres water, Allow to stand 7 days. Strain and spray.

Mildew Control:
Add 1 litre milk to every 15 litres of cold water. Spray every 2 weeks.

Get rid of aphids, white fly and while scale (good for Aloe's).
10ml (2 tsp) sunlight (dishwashing liquid), 5 litres cold water mix together and spray on affected plants.
Works really well.

If using non eco friendly chemicals: Please remember to wear the appropriate clothing (mask, gloves, goggles).

Happy Gardening :)


Autumn specials

April 11, 2012
Call or email for great Specials on:

Compost, Mulch, Lawn dressing as well as trees and shrubs!
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Autumn Preparations for your Garden - Don't wait till the last Minute!

April 11, 2011
Tips for your Garden:
Irrigation times should be changed, watering should only be done in the mornings before mid-day
instead of watering your garden 7 days a week, water on odd days, either 2-3 times a week.
Due to it getting cooler, there is less evaporation, thus the soil remains damp for a lot longer.
Focus on doing a small scale garden clean-up.
Cut back hedges and...

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New Year Outdoor Green Living

January 5, 2011
Isn't it great to be starting a new year! What wonderful rain we are having.
I sense there is going to be a big change in the way we spend time in our own gardens this year.
Many gardens that i have seen towards the end of last year, were really run down. A garden should be another living room, an extension of your house- be bold try new international and local garden styles. There are many brilliant landscapes coming out of SA at the moment. Grow a potted veggie garden, add a natural stream to...
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To remember before you decide to travel:-

November 30, 2010
Check your irrigation system that there are no dry spots,leaks. Buy new batteries if you have a computerized system.
Ensure you have someone to check up on your house whilest you are away.
Get someone to empty your post box every few days, criminals know that you are away when your post box doesn't get emptied.
Get someone to turn lights on and off.

Have a happy and safe holiday.

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Open Gardens - Spring 2010

September 22, 2010
Send me an email if you would like more info.
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Ludwigs Roses

September 22, 2010
Go to any branch,(KZN,JHB,C.T,PTA), between the 2nd - 10th October 2010 for Spring Rose Splendour, It's NOT to be missed!!!

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Lawns and Flowerbeds

September 22, 2010
Now is the time to prepare those lawns and flower beds:

Lawns should get spiked to air rate the soil, add a 5:1:5 fertilizer with lawn dressing to get the right levels. The fertilizer with the lawn dressing will help boost the new growth. Water your lawn 2 x day (Morning & Evening), Not mid-day as the water you use will evaporate with the high temperatures. Make sure water logging on lawn does not happen, should your lawn retain large amounts of water eg: clay soils below lawn, add a coarse mi...
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Lawn Prep

September 20, 2010
Now is the time, just before those first rains, to get your lawns prepared. A few tips:
Get your lawn spiked,and add a 5:1:5 fertilizer lightly sprinkled with lawn dressing to get your lawn looking spectacular this summer.Water 2 x per day during these hot spells (morning & evening) not mid-day as a lot of the water evaporates.
Make sure the lawn doesn't become water logged as this will cause yellow patches. Keep an eye on the lawn, first sign of weeds, get a weed killer from your local nursery...
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Spring is here!

September 20, 2010

Now is the time to prepare your garden for planting! With the summer rains just around the corner it is important to prepare your flower beds and to add in those all important nutrients.

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