Nicholas Spargo, owner of Spargo Landscape Consultants and Invasive Species Consulting, designed his first garden at the young age of 15. After finishing school, Nick moved to New Zealand where he worked under Andy Curwell, owner of Landscape Solutions. 

After returning from New Zealand in 2006, Nick completed his International Certificate in Garden Design through City & Guilds London and launched his South African career in Landscape design working under a number of landscape firms and in partnership with local property developers, before starting his own company.


Spargo landscape consultants are a customer service orientated firm that believe in minimizing the inconvenience that taking on a landscaping project can bring to clients. We ensure that the site (aka your garden) is always cleaned at the end of the day, that work is finished on time or before the given deadline and that clients feel safe both during and after the work is completed. 

Spargo Landscape Consultants have never had a house broken into during or after a landscape project is completed and seek to maintain this service history through working with a trusted team.

Alien Invasive Species Johannesburg Wood manufacturing Johannesburg Landscaping bush clearing water features tree felling


International Certificate in Garden Design through City & Guilds London which included certificate courses in the following areas:

Introduction to Garden Design
Introduction to Design Drawing
Introduction to Horticulture
Advanced Garden Design planning
Affiliated Invasive Species Consultant with SAGIC(South African Green Industries)

Advanced Garden Design Drawing
Advanced Formal Design
Advanced Informal Design
Advanced Ecological Design

Advanced Oriental Design
Advanced Horticulture
Construction Design drawing
Surveying and Measuring

Concrete & Brick laying
Water feature Design
Aboriculture (trees)

Awarded a Gold Award for Design at the Life Style Garden Centre Design Show in 2008

A Member of The Guild of Landscape Designers (GOLD)

A Member of the South African Green Industries Council (SAGIC), Invasive Species Consultant - SAGP no: 1060


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